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Creative Marketing Program

Do Businesses in Your Area Know Who You Are?

Are they familiar with your products and services? Is your marketing program effective? How do you know?

Marketing is a critical function of every business and could mean the difference between success or failure. TAG's Creative Marketing Program is designed to enhance our Members' marketing programs to generate business and create awareness of their "brand."

TAG Members benefit from advanced marketing plans and strategies usually enjoyed only by much larger companies. Combined with a public relations program customized for each Member in their local market, the TAG marketing program gives its Members a remarkable competitive advantage and makes each a world-class challenger for even the largest opportunities.

The objectives of the Creative Marketing Program are to:

  • Increase exposure in your marketplace
  • Stay "Top of Mind" among your customers
  • Position your company as the leader in technology and managed services
  • Separate and differentiate your company from its competitors
  • Increase your sales revenue and profitability

The Creative Marketing Program encompasses marketing training, public relations, promotional material, and professional resources to help you achieve these goals.

Cutting Edge Marketing Training

  • Introduces TAG Members to "basic" and "advanced" marketing strategies
  • Illustrates techniques on how to effectively promote your business
  • Teaches your organization how to utilize various marketing vehicles

Generating Awareness Through Public Relations & Targeted Promotional Material

  • TAG provides Members with professionally formatted press releases and articles that are immediately ready for implementation into the marketing program
  • These tools enable Members to strategically target various market segments

Tapping Into Professional Resources to Grow Your Business

  • TAG provides its Members in the Creative Marketing Program with professional marketing resources that they can access anytime
  • Have a question about marketing, advertising, sales, etc.? TAG is available to guide you in the right direction