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Customer Advocate Program

Enhancing Your Business by Focusing on Current Customers

Customer Advocate Program

Attracting new customers is tremendously more costly to any business than finding solutions for current customers. This is not earth shattering news; however, most companies today focus on winning the next big deal, while avoiding the revenue potential of their customer base. TAG has taken a different approach by creating the highly successful Customer Advocate Program.

Customer Centric Philosophy Differentiates TAG Members vs. the Competition

The Customer Advocacy Program was built on a basic premise – to look at our customers' business differently. By analyzing the industry in a new light, TAG has created a means by which Members advocate (support) the customer in their quest to increase profitability, enhance employee productivity, and obtain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Immediate Impact on Your Bottom Line

TAG first trains Members how to develop their Customer Advocate Department and then teaches the Customer Advocate how to be successful. By understanding each customer's business issues, being their ambassador to new technology, introducing them to the C-TAP Program, and becoming their partner to achieve their goals, Customer Advocates have helped their respective companies become leaders in their regions. Furthermore, Members are experiencing the following benefits – giving them a positive impact to their bottom line.

  • Increased margins on applications sales
  • Higher percentage of Partner Plan sales
  • Creation of recurring revenue streams
  • Higher customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Longer retention of customers
  • More customer referrals
  • Increase in company growth

Customer Advocacy Accelerates Members' Growth

The Customer Advocate Program has become so powerful that it is a driving force in helping Members' pursue their own business objectives at a faster pace. TAG Members are experiencing a phenomenal transformation to their overall organization. This includes:

  • New avenues for employee growth
  • Better defined career paths
  • Opportunities for increased compensation and career fulfillment
  • Increased retention of key employees
  • Highly educated and skilled team players
  • Breeding ground for new leaders and technology specialists