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Managed IT Services

Transform Your Business to Offer Managed Services to Your Customers

Managed IT

You will learn how to effectively advance your business to become a true Unified Communications provider by expanding into the world of Managed IT Services. TAG provides in-depth analysis of the economic drivers in the industry, the costs of MSP offerings, how to "bundle" and price those offerings and the value of outsource solutions.

You will learn how to enter the market with minimal risk, while maximizing profitability. Additionally, you will thoroughly understand the value of Managed IT Services to end users and how to incorporate them into the Current Technology Assurance Plan (C-TAP).

Selling Managed Services Profitably

TAG will introduce you to a 3 step sales process (the presentation of Best Practice Assessments, of Best Practices Recommendations and The Sales Proposal) to position yourself as the prospect's trusted IT advisor.