Member Testimonials

Take a look at what leading Data VARs, Voice VARs, and Managed Service Providers are saying about TAG by reading their testimonials below.

TAG has improved our profitability over the last several years and it has made a phenomenal difference in my business. TAG has provided world class training that has greatly enhanced the skill sets and effectiveness of my managers and sales team. TAG's in-depth financial analysis has even helped me look at my financials in a different manner.

TAG helped us concentrate on creating recurring revenues, which has made a difference of about 3 times in our bottom line profit.

Through TAG, we're exposed to hundreds of Members and make lots of friends and connections. The level of trust between Members is extremely valuable. We share things that improve our business as well as our lifestyles.

The business of technology is always evolving and to attempt to take on this challenge without affiliating our company with someone like TAG would concern me. TAG is constantly looking to the future for new products and technology.

TAG is the real answer as to how we are going to be profitable in the future!

- Dave Heuman, President
CTS Technology Solutions, Inc.
TAG Member Since 2001

TAG has helped me concentrate on my business and changed the way I look at my business model. They have helped me look from the outside-in and taught me to be a better owner and president.

TAG really has opened my eyes to my bottom line and truly increased my profitability.

C-TAP has helped me differentiate my sales and guarantee a 5 year customer. This phenomenal financial program has allowed me to go into the marketplace, sell against my competition, and have something they can't offer. It's a product I believe in and support, and when you have a product you believe in, it's easy to sell – but most importantly customers love it!

"I joined TAG so I could better my business. TAG gives me the ability to grow my business and have the benefit of a team supporting me."

- Sean Hogan, President
Hogan Communications
Hogan Communications
TAG Member Since 2005

TAG is about finding best practices in business, training our employees, and helping me run a much better company.

The leadership of TAG has really been crucial in helping me to grow my business. Initially they helped stabilize my business and now we are focused on improving our bottom line.

Any time we have a specific question or business need we can call on TAG to help us analyze the problem and provide answers that will help us improve our business.

TAG has brought a lot of new technology to the table for us to evaluate. That's one of the great strengths of TAG. They are always out looking for new technology that will help differentiate our business and provide greater value to our customers.

- Mark Wadnizak, President
Voice Smart Networks
Voice Smart
TAG Member Since 2001

TAG has taught me things that without their support, I don't know where I would have learned them.

TAG has helped me look at my business from a more granular perspective. So now I don't only just look at revenue, but I break it down into the 4 segments that TAG analyzes. Now I can compare my performance with my peers and direct attention to areas that need fixing.

The live and remote training that our sales people, managers, customer advocates, and technicians receive has dramatically enhanced the performance of our company as a whole. We're much more productive and profitable.

C-TAP has given us the ability to sell more technology profitably, and more importantly, it helped create a recurring revenue stream, which means that we will be around for a long time to come.

- Matt Duray, President
Connect Telephone & Computer Group
The Connect Group
TAG Member Since 2005