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Professional Services

Preparing Your Business for the Future

Preparing Your Business for the Future

Our high performance business strategy builds on our expertise in unified communications, managed services, technology and management to help TAG Members perform at the highest levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers. TAG offers a number of professional services that catapults Members ahead of their competitors in all categories of business performance.

TAG offers a variety of professional services for Members to access based on the life cycle of their business. These professional services include:

  • Business Plan Development – Learn how to envision your business future, quantify the items necessary for success and orchestrate its results.
  • Corporate Planning – Understand which forms of business ownership best fit the needs of you, your family, your employees and your future.
  • Hiring Services – Tap into TAG's hiring program to help you employ talented people. TAG reviews resumes, interviews candidates, analyzes personality profiles, and tests for future success.
  • Business Merger & Acquisition – Be prepared for the future, whether acquiring another company or are preparing to sell.
  • Budget Planning – Receive detailed budget templates to plan operations and compare actual results to your business plan and industry averages.
  • Employee Benefits Planning – Obtain formats for 401k and pre-tax insurance plans.